Thursday, June 7, 2012


I just celebrated another birthday yesterday and that blessing has prompted some thoughts.  Before I was born, my parents were told that I should not be brought to term. When I was born my parents were told that I would not live to adulthood. As I grew I was told that I would lose the ability to walk long before now.

Because of GOD's grace I am thirty-seven years old. I walk with a cane but I still walk. I have my days of considerable pain but even there HIS grace provides. I have been blessed with doctors who didn't limit their sight to the muscular dystrophy but were challenged to help me live a normal life no matter what. I have been watched over by friends who knew my limits and didn't walk away. They drew nearer and shared in my struggles, indeed helping me bear my burdens.

I also have a family who walks daily with me, lifting me up in prayer and loving me where I am at. GOD knew exactly what HE was doing when HE placed me with this family. They care, hold me accountable, and encourage.

Ultimately I have GOD HIMSELF who stands with me and carries me when I can't carry myself. HIS promises help me hold it together when it hurts too much to think let alone move.

Some may ask why GOD has not taken the disease away. It is fruitless to ask such questions. HE is the I AM. His wisdom trumps mine every time. I do know that HE comes alongside in every circumstance. As Paul was told when asking about his thorn, the LORD's grace is sufficent.

Lest you think I'm over the top, I too have my days of asking why. I'm right there in line for a new body as we are promised and I too ask how long till Jesus comes.(And pretty please could HE hurry up)

I am who I am because of the grace of GOD. I am still here because of HIS mercy. And I have eternity because of HIS love.

I shouldn't be here according to man but by GOD's incredible and awesome power, I Stand.

All glory, majesty, honor and power to our Father who sits on the throne, Jesus the Lamb who was Slain, and the Spirit who makes us one. Thank you again my GOD for another year of life.

--- Freedom's Scribe


  1. You are man whose trust and belief in God is amazing. You are a man who deserves to be happy and even though you have limitations at times, you usually don't let that try to stop you. You have fought long and hard over the many years that we have been friends. Even though I have Bryan as my husband, best friend, and pillar of strength when things are crazy, I have you as a rock and a voice of reason when I don't want to listen to others, because you MAKE me listen to you. For this I am very Thankful. Happy 37th Birthday to a man who I will always be 21 days younger than, but also a man who deserves to have the very best year.

  2. Son, you are amazing. I love that you are a man of God and that you strive to walk in His love and in obedience to Him. God blessed me with you 37 years ago. May He grant you many more.

    Love God first and then His people. Continue to trust in God's Promises, they are eternal. Man's words fade. Be strong. Grow in His wisdom and discernment. Don't forget to laugh and to enjoy life.

    All the best to you and remember that I will always love you. -Su Mamacita